About Us

About The Founders

Send Me Relief Ministries was founded by Carl and Paula Califano  and Tom and Julia Stanley in 2016 to provide for the spiritual and material needs of the people in the Shan State of Myanmar. The two couples have a combined total of 30 years working in Christian relief ministries in Africa, India, Haiti, Jamaica, and Myanmar. Carl was previously the Vice President of Operations for a major metal manufacturing company and Paula worked nearly 20 years in education of special needs children. Tom and Julie are both retired medical doctors. Both couple have strongly felt the call of the Lord and have answered “Send me!” This unique mix of backgrounds provides effective insight to helping meet the needs of the impoverished people in eastern Myanmar.

Carl and Paula

Tom and Julia

Our Vision

Send Me Relief Ministries is committed to bringing the love of Christ to the Lashio area of Myanmar by providing for the spiritual and material needs of poverty-stricken families who have been affected by the conflicts plaguing the area.

For over 50 years the mountainous regions in the eastern Shan State of Myanmar have been mired in a bloody civil war. This has produced widespread hardship on the inhabitants of the area. Virtually every family has been affected. Thousands of families have been forced to flee from their homes with only the clothes on their backs. Poverty and deprivation are the results.

The vision of Send Me Relief Ministries is to engage the American church in the effort to relieve the suffering of the refugee population in the area by providing food, clothing, medical care, housing, and educational opportunities.

Board Members

Dr. Alan Pieratt

Alan Pieratt is the Founder and President of Children’s  Relief International. He has a lifetime of experience in  international Christian relief ministries with work projects in Mozambique, Nigeria, Haiti, India, and Myanmar.

Father Donald Lum

Father Donald Lum is a Roman Catholic priest from Myanmar currently working with Burmese refugees in Jacksonville, Florida. He has been instrumental in helping our ministries to get established and accepted in Myanmar.

Dr. John Califano

John Califano is a surgeon living in northern Louisiana. His medical knowledge and experience are of great value in providing appropriate assistance to refugee clinics in Myanmar.

Andrea Stanley

After completing her service in the U.S. Army, Andrea has pursued a career of over 10 years with the federal government. She is a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Virginia where she presently lives with her husband, Paul.

James McVety

James McVety was born and raised in New York where he practiced law until his retirement. He has resided in Jacksonville, Florida for the past 25 years. He and his wife, Diane, have run the St. Francis Soup Kitchen in Jacksonville providing food and clothing for the homeless for over 20 years.