Seven Loaves Food Distribution

Send Me Relief Ministries seeks to obey Christ’s command to feed the hungry. Money raised for this effort is provided to local leaders who purchase and distribute basic food supplies to poverty stricken villages in the Lashio area. Fifty dollars can provide rice, noodles, and cooking oil which will feed a family of five for a month.

Refugee Relief Assistance

Families fleeing the fighting in the eastern Shan State mountains often are forced to resettle in refugee centers. Food, clothing, household furnishings and supplies, medical care, and facility improvement are desperately needed. Money donated for this purpose is sent to refugee center authorities to augment their meager budgets and assist in the provision of basic needs.

Children’s Education Project

Education is the key to escaping poverty for the children of the Shan State. Send Me Relief Ministries seeks to support the efforts of local child care, education, and training facilities to provide quality services which enable their students to escape the cycle of generational poverty.

Medical Support

Medical care is a critical need for families mired in poverty. Send Me Relief Ministries seeks to assist small local clinics and area doctors and nurses to provide basic healthcare by providing funds for clinic construction, medical supplies and medicine, and employee wages.

Evangelism and Local Church Support

The Diocese of Lashio takes seriously Christ’s command to bring the Gospel to the whole world.  Many small churches have been established in the mountainous region surrounding Lashio to reach out to the indigenous population with the love of Christ.  These churches are desperately poor and need assistance to meet the needs of an evangelical church.